Fine hair can always use a boost, and a blow-out is a great way to build in extra body. Here are five blow dry tips to make the most of your delicate strands.

  1. Consider the heat. Fine hair is like a delicate fabric. You wouldn’t turn the iron to high if you were ironing a silk blouse, and you shouldn’t set your blow dryer on high if you have fine hair. If you do, you might scorch your fine hair, which leads to damage and breakage, which leads to even finer hair. So be sure you’re using a blow dryer with a variety of temperature settings, and set yours as low as possible to achieve your desired result.
  2. Protect and serve. Certain materials and features are gentler for fine hair than others. Look for ionic dryers that speed up drying time and prevent frizz, or tourmaline, which prevents hair from drying out.
  3. Prep properly. A root booster to target volume to your roots, and a volumizing mousse for all-over body are the fine-haired girl’s best friends. Prep your damp hair with these items, in addition to a heat protection product, to set your blow dry up for success.
  4. Lift and dry. After applying your mousse and root booster, divide your hair into sections. Start on the bottom sections and lift each one up from the root as you dry. On the top sections, lift and flip them in the opposite direction to dry, which will create lots of body on top. Wait until these sections cool off before flipping them back to their original position.
  5. Roll it. For a real boost, once hair is dry, wrap a few top sections around large Velcro rollers while they’re still warm and let them cool around the rollers. Remove and fluff!