Your bathroom is probably overflowing with tools and products designed to style your mane, but how many of those items actually help keep your hair healthy? Hair pros agree—these are the five “musts” to keep in your arsenal if you want enviably healthy hair.

1. A HEAT-RESISTANT DETANGLING BRUSH. You probably don’t give much thought to your hairbrush…but you should. Rough bristles can cause breakage, and a metal body can heat up when you blow-dry and actually burn your hair. A healthy, all-purpose, heat-resistant detangling brush like The Only Brush gently removes tangles on wet or dry hair without pulling or tugging. Plus, the heat resistant body lets you blow dry without the burn.
2. A SILICONE FLAT IRON. Astyling iron like the Beyond, that features silicone sheaths over the plates, is the next generation of healthy hair styling. The silicone protects your hair from heat damage and glides evenly and smoothly over each section for a smooth, shiny result in just one pass.
3. A CERAMIC HAIR DRYER When ceramic is used in a dryer, like the Performance blow dryer, it createsfar infrared heat that penetrates your hair shaft, preserving hair’s natural moisture and shine. It also produces more even heat distribution, which prevents hair damage caused by over-heating.
4. THE PERFECT CONDITIONER. Everyone needs a conditioner, no matter what type of hair you have. (We’re looking at you, fine-haired gals!) Conditioner seals the deal with the moisture you need to calm the hair cuticle and produce shine. There trulyare conditioning formulas for everyone–rinse outs, leave-ins, rich masks, cleansing conditioners, conditioning styling cremes–you name it. If your hair is coarse or dry, you may even want to layer your conditioners—use a rinse-out and a conditioning styling product, for example. Check with your stylist—she’ll know the best conditioning strategy for your hair type.
5. A MICRO-FIBER TOWEL. Rubbing wet hair with a rough, terry-cloth towel can lead to what is referred to as mechanical damage. Simply put, it causes hair to break and frizz. Better? A micro-fiber towel, or even a soft cotton t-shirt. These fibers absorb water quickly, so you can blot your hair gently and skip the vigorous scrubbing.