We know what hairdressers want. We understand what hairdressers need. What works for them, what turns them on creatively…and what doesn’t.

That’s because we are hairdressers. Starting at the top, with our CEO and Founder Shauky Gulamani. We do hair, we own salons, we teach, we create professional beauty products and we’ve successfully led many of the top professional beauty companies.

So we know what matters to hairdressers. Quality first and foremost. Innovation? Equally vital. Trust, dependability and oh yes—it’s also important to love the hairdressing “life” and have fun.

Plain and simple, we’re here to make hairdressers’ lives better. Because we speak hairdresser…and we definitely walk our talk.


LIFE stands for Luxury Innovation for Everyone. And that sums up our mission. We believe everyone should have access to the best possible professional products. We believe the quality of these products and tools should be guaranteed. We believe in being first, and being the best. We are serious about cultivating meaningful partnerships with our customers, so together we can grow, create and innovate.
Most important?  We’re dedicated to tapping into the richness of our skills, experience and expertise to be sure our partners have whatever they need to bring their artistry “to life.”

Throughout his long and successful career as a beauty product executive, marketer and innovator, Shauky Gulamani has been the man behind many of your favorite brands. Now he’s the brand of LIFE Marketing Group.