Perfectly straight and smooth hair is often considered as the Holy Grail among beauty-conscious segment. Well, something that might appear so simple and easy can be so difficult and challenging even to achieve. It could be more difficult for those who have either curly or coarse hair. The frizz and the pesky-away, also the damage you might cause to yourself by using the wrong type of flat iron.

First thing first, having the best silicone flat iron is the first step towards having the perfect hair style you have been craving for. If you are all set to invest in this flat iron, then there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Start with identifying the type of hair you have – is it wavy, straight or curly? Do you have a lot of frizz? Is your hair compromised or damaged? Is your hair thin or thick in density? These are the few factors that would help you choose the best match.

For those of you who wish to invest in silicone flat irons might discover interesting benefits of it reading further.

• It has an additional large (MCH) ceramic heater for increasing heat up and instant recovery for healthy and even one-stroke styling. Next generation heater or plate interface imbeds heater in the plates without adhesive to damage over the iron’s life.
• Super-strong micro-honeycomb charcoal plates pave way for ionized heat and superior moist that helps in sealing the cuticle and replenish moisture while conditioning and nourishing hair.
• It comes with a raised silicone cover that provides thermal protection and glide and smooth for better hair styling without making your hair appear lifeless. Hair style would look attractive with exceptional healthy shine.
• Silicone/Charcoal Ceramic Hair Style comes with an ergonomically designed body, with flat, even top and curved bottom with large plates offering versatility for different hair styling and finishing styles with no tension and strain to hands.
• Silicone covers and ridges tips cover protects fingers from the heat.

Choosing the best silicone flat iron is essential to ensure that perfect hair style. LIFE Marketing Group, the brainchild of the renowned ShaukyGulamani, brings a range of beauty products and accessories to makes the lives of hairdressers’ better.