Hair dryers have now become an inevitable part of our daily lives. In other simple words, it will be no wrong to say that blow dryers have emerged as an inseparable thing for people having packed schedule.  Gone are the days when hair dryers were used only for blow dry. However, modern day dryers are used for creating new hair styles too. Also, advanced hair dryers are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies that not only give more shine to your hair but also lets you create stylish hair styles. Perhaps, the most preferred material used for making dryer is ceramic. As a matter of fact, ceramic hair dryer has become the first choice for several leading hair stylists.

Along with the conventional hair dryers, it is the ceramic hair dryers that have gained immense popularity among hair stylists as well as people who use them regularly.

Ceramic hair dryer works like a conventional blow dryer, in which a standard rope heater heats the airflow perimeter, however, with the inclusion of ceramic heater, it allows even more heat distribution. It is this even distribution of heat that prevents hair damage and hot spots while using the hair dryer for stylizing or drying hair.

Also, ceramic hair dryer is self-regulating. In other words, it turns down as soon as the surrounding temperature becomes too hot.  Given that the dryer automatically regulates the temperature, these types exclude multiple temperature control though they come with low and high setting.

What make these dryer all the more popular is that ceramic hair dryer prevents formation of bacteria that leads to healthier scalp. Using this type of hair dryer helps the hair resist the effects of harsh weather condition, for example, extreme rain, sunlight, dust and wind. Thus, it helps in creating a radiant surface and texture of hair.

Well, it goes without saying that women who use hair dryer regularly should opt for ceramic one given the kind of benefits it offers. Life Marketing Group is the right place to shop for ceramic hair dryer.  The one available on this website comes with hybrid motor for AC performance and power with DC for striking the balance of lightweight providing faster blowouts while protecting hair.

Perfectly straight and smooth hair is often considered as the Holy Grail among beauty-conscious segment. Well, something that might appear so simple and easy can be so difficult and challenging even to achieve. It could be more difficult for those who have either curly or coarse hair. The frizz and the pesky-away, also the damage you might cause to yourself by using the wrong type of flat iron.

First thing first, having the best silicone flat iron is the first step towards having the perfect hair style you have been craving for. If you are all set to invest in this flat iron, then there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Start with identifying the type of hair you have – is it wavy, straight or curly? Do you have a lot of frizz? Is your hair compromised or damaged? Is your hair thin or thick in density? These are the few factors that would help you choose the best match.

For those of you who wish to invest in silicone flat irons might discover interesting benefits of it reading further.

• It has an additional large (MCH) ceramic heater for increasing heat up and instant recovery for healthy and even one-stroke styling. Next generation heater or plate interface imbeds heater in the plates without adhesive to damage over the iron’s life.
• Super-strong micro-honeycomb charcoal plates pave way for ionized heat and superior moist that helps in sealing the cuticle and replenish moisture while conditioning and nourishing hair.
• It comes with a raised silicone cover that provides thermal protection and glide and smooth for better hair styling without making your hair appear lifeless. Hair style would look attractive with exceptional healthy shine.
• Silicone/Charcoal Ceramic Hair Style comes with an ergonomically designed body, with flat, even top and curved bottom with large plates offering versatility for different hair styling and finishing styles with no tension and strain to hands.
• Silicone covers and ridges tips cover protects fingers from the heat.

Choosing the best silicone flat iron is essential to ensure that perfect hair style. LIFE Marketing Group, the brainchild of the renowned ShaukyGulamani, brings a range of beauty products and accessories to makes the lives of hairdressers’ better.

Shauky Gulamani is a name that needs no introduction. With a career spanning more than three decades, he has successfully carved out a niche in the world of beauty services. He embraced the professional hairdressing industry with a talent, creative genius, and talent that turned him into a prominent personality. His vision for creative and innovative products to make the lives of hairdressers’ better has enabled him a status at par in the industry.  His experience, expertise and ability to create groundbreaking and thriving brands come from his artistry as a salon owner, educator, hairdresser, sales representative, teacher and distributor.

With the launch of the LIFE Marketing Group, Shauky Gulamani has embarked a journey for accelerating the growth of the hairdresser industry. By offering pioneering and innovative tools and products along with a business model that is unique and distinctive, he promised to introduce an entirely new range and level of products and profits to distributors and stylists.

What makes him a business mogul and the most famous name is the fact he understands requirements of hairstylists. This, in turn, lets him easily get connected to the industry. Owing to his experience, he understands the ever-evolving needs of the salon industry.

He is responsible for boosting annual profit margins by more than fifty percent with outstanding growth patterns being accredited to his ability to come up with innovative and successful marketing tips, simplification of the existing product line, new packaging and the creation of several newproduct launches. He brings companies right to the forefront of the modern-day beauty industry using his eye for detail and ability to understand future trends and needs.

LIFE Marketing Group, spearheaded by Shauky Gulamani, caters to the needs of the beauty industry with a new level of innovative and superior tools and products at affordable cost. LIFE stands for Luxury Innovation for Everyone, and that also indicates the mission of the brand. It aims to provide the best possible professional tools and products to everyone.

When it comes to beauty care, men are equally conscious as their counterparts. Of all grooming accessories and tools, the one which tops the list is battery operated trimmer. Many men love having a beard, however, maintaining and keeping it trim and neat is an equally important quotient. With packed work schedule, sparing out time to visit the salon to trim beard sometimes becomes difficult. That is precisely where the battery operated, or cordless trimmer can come to your rescue.

A beard trimmer, in recent times, has emerged as one of the most essential grooming devices for men that prefer maintaining a proper growth or grow a beard than shaving it. In the present era where grooming is an indispensable part of modern man’s life, investing in the battery operated beard trimmer thus is an essential step to have that chauvinistic and suave look.

After all, having a stubble or unkempt growth will not serve any good concerning how people perceive you and your looks. The modern day men know what all it takes to maintain style. Just look around, you will find that men who seem to have it all are also the ones who understand the significance of grooming.

The decision to buy a battery operated trimmer brings along several advantages of which a few are mentioned below.

• For achieving best results, ensure you use a battery operated trimmer with a fully-charged battery. You can take them anywhere you want –the car, the hotel room, for example.
• Some trimmers come with a long battery life that makes it easy to use them on the go. You are not required to charge them for trimming again after every usage. So convenience is what you get!
• Some trimmers do not even need charging as they are powered by a single 1 AA battery.
• Also, you will get a lot of freedom when trimming. For instance, you no longer have to worry about finding a power outlet near the mirror. The worry of having a tangled cord becomes the history.
• Slip-free comfort grip makes it easy to hold.
• Battery operated trimmer available at the LIFE Marketing Group comes equipped with an adjustable cutting guide with five precise settings.
• Self-sharpening stainless bleed further adds to its popularity.

With so many advantages, buying a battery operated trimmer is worth an investment. You can place an order for it at the LIFE Marketing Group, an online address for those seeking the finest range of grooming accessories for men.

Your hastily assembled, day-to-day ponytail may get you through most weeks of the year, but the holidays call for hairstyles that are a bit more polished. The good news? Relaxed, slightly imperfect looks are much more on-trend than hairstyles that are beyond perfect, so this season can be completely stress-free when it comes to your hair. Here are three popular trends to try!

Slinky Beach Waves. Modern waved hair is unintentional in shape, with movement that begins a few inches below the top and stops before the end of each strand. Try the look with a center part for a slightly Bohemian vibe, or a side part for more glamour. Pros recommend rough drying hair before waving, using a blow dryer like the new Performance Brushless Hair Dryer. The dryer won’t tire your arms because it’s so lightweight, and it cuts blow dry time in half, which is ideal when you’re doing a two-step process like blow-drying and curling your hair.

The other secret to this shape is to use a flat styling iron rather than a curling iron, to avoid a too-round wave.A state-of-the-art styling iron that’s generating lots of buzz is the new Beyond Silicone/Charcoal iron which features special, perforated sheaths that cover the plates and protect hair from burning, damage or becoming too “smooshed.” Simply insert the iron into a section of hair, starting a few inches below the scalp, rotate the iron a half turn away from your face, and slide the hair through, releasing it before you reach the bottom so the ends stay straight. It’s like curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors!

  1. Braids with Everything. Whether you opt for a bold Dutch braid, fishtail braid or French braid, or you simply incorporate a braided accent into a waved style or updo, nothing puts a unique “spin” on holiday hair like braids. Everyone’s doing it! Modern braids are pleasingly plump, and one of the best ways to boost a braid is to pre-texturize your hair with waves or curls–especially if it’s fine and/or straight. Then once the braid’s in place, gently expand the sides with your fingertips to give it even more heft.
  2. Up With a Twist. Soft and easy are the buzzwords if you put your hair up for a wedding or special holiday party. As with your braids, start by infusing as much texture as possible into your hair before you gather it—this will give you a light, airy look. Then, whether you’re placing your hair on top of your head, in the center back or to one side, gather it gently before securing with pins, and don’t worry if a few strands fall loose here and there (especially around your face.) That’s what makes an updo modern!