For a rugged, masculine look, many guys embrace a five o’clock shadow. But keep in mind that there’s more to stylish stubble than simply tossing your razor. Here are six tips for achieving a fashionable and well-groomed five o’clock shadow.

  1. Grow out your beard. Not everyone can successfully grow an even beard, so the first step is to make sure you don’t have uneven growth patterns or patches with no beard growth. This will also enable you to observe your natural beard shape, so you can trim it properly!
  2. Learn how often to trim. During this “observation” period, learn the rate of your beard growth so you know how often you need to trim tomaintain your preferred length. For most guys, it’s every two or three days, but if your beard is fast-growing, it may be daily.
  3. Exfoliate before shaving. Use a facial scrub to cleanse your skin and beard and remove dead skin cells and debris. This will help the trimmer glide more easily along your face, and prevent ingrown hairs.
  4. Invest in the right tool. A beard trimmer with multiple attachments will give you all the options you need for maintaining a five o’clock shadow and a flawless face. Right now, the new Magnum Clipper and Trimmeris building buzz. Not only does it come with a medium guard attachment for the perfect stubble, and a long guard for hard-to-shape sideburns, it provides maximum power with just a single AAA battery. This cordless aspect (you never have to plug it in or charge it) makes it ideal for travel, the gym and anytime a guy is on the go. (Hint: Just in case you’re wondering what to ask Santa to bring you this year…!)
  5. Go against the grain. Using a medium guard, trim your beard against the direction of the hair growth for even results. Flick your wrist up slightly when you reach the sideburns to gradually “fade” the hair.
  6. Fine-tune above and below. After you’ve trimmed your beard, remove the guard and clip off any stray hair growing above your beard line on your cheeks. Create a defined line for a more intentional, polished look. Place the trimmer straight up and move it upward to etch in the line. Create another clean line around your moustache. Then move to your neck and remove the hair under your jawbone for a nice sharp edge. As a guideline, the neckline should start an inch to an inch-and-a-half above the Adam’s apple, and extend up and back to the ears on each side.

These days, self-driving cars and smart phone facial recognition is getting all the attention, but believe it or not, the technology behind one of hair care’s most indispensable tools—the hairbrush—is responsible for some pretty impressive advancements too! An innovation called The Only Brush offers a next-gen take on the standard tool—stepping up the hairbrush game and pushing it into the realm of an all-purpose, multi-tasking marvel. Hair pros are saying it just may be the one and “only” brush you’ll ever need! If your current brush can’t do these things, it may be time for an upgrade! (And oh yes, stocking-stuffer alert: who couldn’t use a state-of-the-art hairbrush?)

  • Detangle your wet hair…painlessly. Nothing leads to broken, damaged hair quicker than trying to detangle wet hair with the wrong brush. Plus, it hurts! The unique, flexible bristle technology of the Only Brush glides through wet tangles like a knife through soft butter—easily and seamlessly, without pulling or tugging. Not only is it the perfect detangling solution for your hair, it also puts an end to the painful detangling battles you go through with your long-haired kids!
  • Distribute your conditioner evenly. You know how important the right conditioner is to make your hair feel as soft as a newborn puppy. But to get maximum performance from your favorite formula, it’s helpful to use a brush to distribute it evenly, from top to tips, after you apply. The Only Brush is best-in-class for product distribution, because its open, honeycomb design doesn’t allow cremes or liquids to become trapped—so all the conditioner stays on your hair where it belongs. You can use it to distribute hair color, too!Tip: After distributing your conditioner with a brush, let it sit on your hair for a few minutes for maximum penetration before rinsing.
  • Quickly smooth your hair while blow-drying. A rigorous, round brush blow-out may not be feasible every day, but not everyone is meant to air-dry either! This brush straddles those worlds by letting you quickly smooth and straighten your hair with your blow dryer. Each flawless bristle is heat-resistant, and the vented design allows for maximum airflow to speed up drying time.
  • Overcome static in dry winter weather. With many brushes, one stroke and strands are standing on end if the environment is super dry. Thanks to coated nylon bristles, the Only Brush keeps static under control, so hair remains calm and not crackly!
  • Add amazing shine when you brush dry hair, without splitting or damaging ends. Done with this modern brush. Strong plastic bristlespenetrate the hair firmly—all the way to the scalp, even on thick hair textures–to distribute your hair’s natural oils for roots to ends shine. Damage is deflected because the unique, ball-free bristle tips won’t catch or pull your hair.




What will well-dressed men be wearing this fall? Here’s a round-up of top trends, spotted on the men’s fashion catwalks in Milan, London and New York!

  1. Lots of leather. Don’t toss that moto jacket just yet. Leather was everywhere this season—as an accent on collars, cuffs and buttons, and as key wardrobe pieces in the form of jackets and pants.
  2. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Or more specifically, wearing your politics on your shirt. Opinions are running strong these days, and designers are giving customers the chance to take a stand sartorially. Messages were both bold and cryptic, allowing everyone to make their point of view known.
  3. Don’t hide your cords. The fabric favored by history professors is stepping out of the classroom and into the spotlight. Corduroy is back in a big way, in hues of olive green, navy and chocolate brown. But these slacks and jackets aren’t your teacher’s baggy cords–they’re slim and tailored to perfection, and often paired with leather for an edgier vibe.
  4. Do hide your neck. Turtlenecks were everywhere on catwalks—in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and fabrics. Two of the best versions—the chunky fisherman style sweater (paired with fitted corduroy slacks) and thin-gauge Merino worn under cashmere sportscoats.
  5. Bye-bye beards.Top male models are giving their big beards a rest. Lumberjack facial hair gives way to a subtler beard style this season. The latest look is just a hint of an end-of-the-day shadow–deliberately created with a magnum Clipper that enhances the bone structure and features rather than hiding them.

Fine hair can always use a boost, and a blow-out is a great way to build in extra body. Here are five blow dry tips to make the most of your delicate strands.

  1. Consider the heat. Fine hair is like a delicate fabric. You wouldn’t turn the iron to high if you were ironing a silk blouse, and you shouldn’t set your blow dryer on high if you have fine hair. If you do, you might scorch your fine hair, which leads to damage and breakage, which leads to even finer hair. So be sure you’re using a blow dryer with a variety of temperature settings, and set yours as low as possible to achieve your desired result.
  2. Protect and serve. Certain materials and features are gentler for fine hair than others. Look for ionic dryers that speed up drying time and prevent frizz, or tourmaline, which prevents hair from drying out.
  3. Prep properly. A root booster to target volume to your roots, and a volumizing mousse for all-over body are the fine-haired girl’s best friends. Prep your damp hair with these items, in addition to a heat protection product, to set your blow dry up for success.
  4. Lift and dry. After applying your mousse and root booster, divide your hair into sections. Start on the bottom sections and lift each one up from the root as you dry. On the top sections, lift and flip them in the opposite direction to dry, which will create lots of body on top. Wait until these sections cool off before flipping them back to their original position.
  5. Roll it. For a real boost, once hair is dry, wrap a few top sections around large Velcro rollers while they’re still warm and let them cool around the rollers. Remove and fluff!

Whether you’re doing a long hair style, a medium length hair style or a short hair style, beach waves work. The movement, the shape–you’re instantly a cool girl. Ready for a new way to beach wave your hair? Here’s a secret. Put down your curling iron and pick up a flat iron!

Celebrity hair stylists know that flat irons are the perfect beach wave tool.  They produce a perfectly undone, lived-in shape. Plus, a flat iron is easy to handle if you’re not adept with thermal tools. Here’s a beach wave tutorial:

  • On dry hair, section off the bottom third of your hair and pin away the top.
  • Divide the section into 1-inch subsections.
  • On the first subsection, quickly slide a flat iron from roots to ends to warm the hair.
  • Insert the flat iron at the scalp, and wind the hair section around the iron, away from your face, omitting the ends.
  • Release the first section of hair and continue around your head.
  • As you wind the hair, randomly switch up the hair curl direction from section-to-section. Wind some hair sections away from your face and some toward your face.
  • Release the middle section and repeat.
  • Divide the top hair section in half—front and back.
  • Clip away the front, and curl the back of the top section as before. Direct the hair sections next to your face away from your face.
  • Release the front hair section.
  • Create your normal hair part.
  • Continue dividing the hair into 1-inch sections and curl your hair. Wind the face-frame sections of your hair away from your face and alternate the rest of your hair forward and back.
  • When your hair is cool, gently rake through your hair with your fingers; then scrunch in a sea salt spray to add true beach wave texture.