Women love brushing and stylizing their hair daily. Whether you are doing a medium hair style, short hair style or long hair style, nothing better works then beach waves. The shape and the movement of your hair instantly make you look cool giving an image of the girl next door. If you have time-constraints while doing hair then relax as Silicone Flat Iron do wonders to your hair.

In recent years, the demand for flat iron for home use has increased a lot. The beauty conscious segment is more interested in buying items that can help them look good as and when they step out of home. Use of silicone flat iron is one of the best ways to up your glamour quotient by stylising your hair. It is easy and quick to do. Also, taking care of silicone flat iron is easy.

Here is a look at the features that make silicone flat iron the most sought-after option among many women.

  • It works on both wet and dry hair. You do not have to worry about sprinkling water before using it and vice-versa.
  • It comes with exceptional thermal protection
  • If you are worried about hair fading then it will protect your hair against it
  • It smooths your hair while gliding for superior styling without leaving hair appear lifeless
  • You will get unparalleled and unique healthy shine
  • Enjoy ionic conditioning while you style
  • It has extra large ceramic heater that delivers rapid heat and instant recovery for even healthy one-stroke styling. It is equipped with next generation heater/plate interface that embeds heater in the plates with no glue for degrading the life of the iron.
  • Its super-strong micro-honeycomb Charcoal Plates extend superior ionized heat and moist that seals the cuticle and helps in replenishing moisture while conditioning and nourishing the hair.
  • Silicone cover and ridged tips ensures heat protection to the fingers
  • Raised silicone cover ensures thermal protection and provides hair superior smooth, even allow for superior styling without making hair appear lifeless.
  • It has ergonomically designed body, with curved bottom and flat and even top with large plates that offer versatility for multiple finishing styles and styling without any tension and strain to the hands.
  • 9 feet professional cord with Velcro closure for easy storage.

If you are all set to invest in silicone flat iron then visit Life Marketing Group, a one-stop destination for some of the finest range of beauty accessories and equipment. Shopping from here, you can get warranty for two years. So, get going now and buy silicone flat iron to stylise your hair.

Whether you’re doing a long hair style, a medium length hair style or a short hair style, beach waves work. The movement, the shape–you’re instantly a cool girl. Ready for a new way to beach wave your hair? Here’s a secret. Put down your curling iron and pick up a flat iron!

Celebrity hair stylists know that flat irons are the perfect beach wave tool.  They produce a perfectly undone, lived-in shape. Plus, a flat iron is easy to handle if you’re not adept with thermal tools. Here’s a beach wave tutorial:

  • On dry hair, section off the bottom third of your hair and pin away the top.
  • Divide the section into 1-inch subsections.
  • On the first subsection, quickly slide a flat iron from roots to ends to warm the hair.
  • Insert the flat iron at the scalp, and wind the hair section around the iron, away from your face, omitting the ends.
  • Release the first section of hair and continue around your head.
  • As you wind the hair, randomly switch up the hair curl direction from section-to-section. Wind some hair sections away from your face and some toward your face.
  • Release the middle section and repeat.
  • Divide the top hair section in half—front and back.
  • Clip away the front, and curl the back of the top section as before. Direct the hair sections next to your face away from your face.
  • Release the front hair section.
  • Create your normal hair part.
  • Continue dividing the hair into 1-inch sections and curl your hair. Wind the face-frame sections of your hair away from your face and alternate the rest of your hair forward and back.
  • When your hair is cool, gently rake through your hair with your fingers; then scrunch in a sea salt spray to add true beach wave texture.

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