Generic 3D Ball-Shaped Hair Comb Brush Heat Resistant Detangling Salon Blow Drying Hairstyle 

From unique comb-design that can help in different styling curls to easy and convenient use, Heat resistantdetangling hairbrush is considered best to get rid of annoying hair snags. It will also massage the scalp and eliminate hair cuticle frizz. You can opt for this to enjoy its strong and flexible nylon bristles that will help you detangle your hair without any tearing, breaking and of delicate strands. Heat resistantdetangling is not only considered ideal for detangling both wet and dry hair, but also considered great in being befitting for all hair types.

These hairbrushes are embedded with the antibacterial additives that make it ultra hygienic and that is why, it is highly safe to use. The anti static properties of Heat resistantdetangling hairbrushes prevent flyaway hair leaving it smooth and silky.  These brushes include nylon bristles that are heat resistant up to 450ºF (approx). You can without any hiccup use it on wet or dry hair to prep your best style. It also helps you detangle extra hard snags with utmost ease. The heat resistant bristles of heat resistantdetangling brushes retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures that hairdryers may generate. You can also opt for these to detangle Hair Extensions, Children’s hair, and blow Drying.

It also includes Anti-static technology that will reduce the amount of negatively charged particles during styling and in addition, you can opt for this product to ensure faster styling as well. This heat resistantdetangling brush is manufactured to reach an ideal temperature in seconds and once it gets heated, it only takes a few minutes to straighten your hair as per the preference of hair straightening. It includes 100% tourmaline ceramic heating plate that guarantees stable heating. You can choose it to massage your head and relax you as well.

To know more about heat resistantdetangling brush, I would recommend you to visit, In addition, if you want to know which heat resistantdetangling brush would be best fit for you, share your details in comments.

Professional Plastic Hair Brush for Women

Women love brushing their hair daily, as this helps them maintain the health of their hair and keep them tangle-free. Brushing via Only Brush is very good in enhancing overall appearance of your hair. When you are going to buy your hairbrush, your purchasing should be based upon the texture of your hair. Different kinds of hairbrushes are accessible in the market and you can easily go for Only Brush that lets your hair get styled in the healthiest and most convenient way possible.

You can opt for Round Only Brush for curling purposes and while going for these brushes, you need to pay heed upon the fact that curls remain tight, if rounds of your Only Brush are smaller. Going with larger round, Only Brush would be suitable for long hair and in addition, if you go with Half-round brush, it will be useful for either dry or wet hair. Paddle hairbrush is considered best suited for straightening long and medium hair, plus, such Only Brush would also be good for smoothening the hair, as it grows long.

Vent hairbrushes have a hole in their center that aids in free circulation of air that quickens the blow-drying. Cushion Only Brush is recommended to be used for scalp massaging as this kind of brush has a soft rubber base. Normal Only Brush is very good for day-to-day routine. When opting for any hairbrush, you should always pay attention upon the quality of your hairbrush. With good quality Only Brush, your hair will stay strong and healthy. If you want to absorb oil and dirt from your hair, you should opt for boar bristle hairbrush. Hair stylists never recommend using nylon hairbrushes and you should be cautious about this while purchasing your hairbrush.

While brushing hair with Only Brush, blood circulation in scalp will tend to increase if the head is made to bend down towards the floor.  In case, you wish to know more about best tips that can resolve your hair issues, drop your questions in comments below. If you want to know more about Only Brush, browsing through  would be highly useful.

HAIRDRYERS Hair Dryer with Heat Balance Technology


Hair dryers have now turned into a vital piece of our day-to-day lives. We also know hair dryers as blow dryers and they are indistinguishable for individuals with busy work schedules. In prior times, hair dryers were just used for blowing dry your hairs, but now, hair dryers accessible are more advanced, and can be utilized for attempting a few hairstyles as well. Further, the advanced hair dryers are designed by utilizing most recent technologies that give additional sparkle to your hair as well and hence help you to appreciate healthy hairs. The most prominent among the materials utilized for manufacturing hair dryers in ceramic.

Ceramic Hair Dryer is one of the trendiest hair dryers in the market. In fact, ceramic hairdryers are very much loved by many leading hair stylists as well.

Below given are some of the notable reasons why you should opt for a Ceramic Hair Dryer

  1. One of the top benefits of these Ceramic Hair Dryers are the even distribution of heat across the hair and in the process, it also does not get heated
  2. Ceramic Hair Dryer is also beneficial due to its ability to emit negative ions and infrared rays that are natural sources of energy and assist you in locking-in hair’s natural color and moisture, which efficiently protects your hair against the exposure to heat
  3. Ceramic Hair Dryer ensures a healthy as well as frizz-free hair styling, which is one of the most prominent reasons why most of the hair stylists recommend for these hairs
  4. Ceramic Hair Dryer also ensures improved thermal efficiency, drying hair from the inside out, smoothing of hair cuticles, and minimized drying time
  5. You can use such kinds of dryers on all types of hair, so, if you have rebelliously thick or curly or fine and sensitive hair, you can without any second thought, opt for these kinds of hair dryers

On the concluding note, I would suggest you to opt for a ceramic hair dryer infused with the properties of tourmaline technology, as this will ensure increased emission of negative ions and infrared rays and make your hair healthy. To know more about Ceramic Hair Dryer, click

We get it—nothing will ever come between you and your flat iron. Nothing smooths your unruly strands, relaxes your curl and contains your frizz like your trusty hairstyling iron. But as styling iron devotees know, frequent application of hot metal plates on your hair can do some serious damage. Lower the risk of wrecking your hair with these five secrets from pros who know how to give damaged hair the slip.


  1. Work with a Silicone Flat Iron. Silicone is the hairstylist’s secret to keeping hair healthy. An iron like the Beyond, which features a raised silicone cover over the plates, glides over the hair easily and smoothly, reduces direct heat exposure and locks in moisture and shine. This next-generation tool offers even heat distribution for perfection on every strand from top to tip.
  2. Small Sections For 1 Pass Straightening. One of the most significant causes of heat damage from a flat iron is taking multiple passes along each hair strand. To get your hair straight with a single pass, divide your hair into super fine sections to ensure the heat can penetrate thoroughly. Also, a silicone flat iron will offer even and consistent heat all along the iron. This eliminates hot and cold spots which can cause the smoothing to be erratic.
  3. Dial Down the Heat. Another bonus of using a silicone flat iron is the ability to work with a lower heat setting. Since the heat is even, there’s no need to use the highest temperature setting—you’ll get long-lasting, even smoothing.
  4. Use Heat Protection. Applying a good thermal protection spray or cream before you dry your hair will give you extra anti-damage insurance. These formulas not only shield your hair from heat, they also soften and condition it and add shine.
  5. Trim Often. Split ends are like gateway drugs to greater damage. As your hair splits and frays, the damage travels up the entire hair strand and becomes completely pervasive. Keep split ends under control with frequent trims—every four to five weeks or so–that remove the tips and keep your ends solid and healthy. A cutting technique called “dusting” removes just a microscopic amount of hair from the tips so you won’t sacrifice any of your length!

Your bathroom is probably overflowing with tools and products designed to style your mane, but how many of those items actually help keep your hair healthy? Hair pros agree—these are the five “musts” to keep in your arsenal if you want enviably healthy hair.

1. A HEAT-RESISTANT DETANGLING BRUSH. You probably don’t give much thought to your hairbrush…but you should. Rough bristles can cause breakage, and a metal body can heat up when you blow-dry and actually burn your hair. A healthy, all-purpose, heat-resistant detangling brush like The Only Brush gently removes tangles on wet or dry hair without pulling or tugging. Plus, the heat resistant body lets you blow dry without the burn.
2. A SILICONE FLAT IRON. Astyling iron like the Beyond, that features silicone sheaths over the plates, is the next generation of healthy hair styling. The silicone protects your hair from heat damage and glides evenly and smoothly over each section for a smooth, shiny result in just one pass.
3. A CERAMIC HAIR DRYER When ceramic is used in a dryer, like the Performance blow dryer, it createsfar infrared heat that penetrates your hair shaft, preserving hair’s natural moisture and shine. It also produces more even heat distribution, which prevents hair damage caused by over-heating.
4. THE PERFECT CONDITIONER. Everyone needs a conditioner, no matter what type of hair you have. (We’re looking at you, fine-haired gals!) Conditioner seals the deal with the moisture you need to calm the hair cuticle and produce shine. There trulyare conditioning formulas for everyone–rinse outs, leave-ins, rich masks, cleansing conditioners, conditioning styling cremes–you name it. If your hair is coarse or dry, you may even want to layer your conditioners—use a rinse-out and a conditioning styling product, for example. Check with your stylist—she’ll know the best conditioning strategy for your hair type.
5. A MICRO-FIBER TOWEL. Rubbing wet hair with a rough, terry-cloth towel can lead to what is referred to as mechanical damage. Simply put, it causes hair to break and frizz. Better? A micro-fiber towel, or even a soft cotton t-shirt. These fibers absorb water quickly, so you can blot your hair gently and skip the vigorous scrubbing.

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