You + your hair color. It’s truly a fine romance. Whether you’re a bling-bling blonde, a fiery redhead, a chestnut-maned brunette or a member of the unicorn tribe, your hair color completes you. It also probably takes a bite out of your budget, so you’re all about finding ways to make it last. Here are five pro secrets for helping your hair color go the distance.

1. Use a Dry Clean Flat Iron to Style Your Hair.On laundry day, your fine fabrics bypass the washing machine and are whisked straight to the dry cleaners. There, they remain untouched by the water and detergents that can cause them to fade. The same approach will prolong the life of your hair color. A dry clean flat iron–a tool like the game-changing Beyond with silicone-sheathed plates–prevents premature color fading by shielding your strands from direct contact with scorching heat. You get all the smoothing and styling benefits of a styling iron, without the color-leaching sizzle and burn!
2. Shampoo Less Frequently. The more you wash your blue jeans, the more they fade.The equation makes sense for hair color, too. Less frequent scrubbing, hot water and soapmeans your color will stay vibrant longer. Today’s dry shampoos are a godsend for hair color-lovers. They allow you to stretch those days between shampoos and keep your hair fresh and oil-free.
3. Go Sulfate-Free.Sulfates can strip hair of color, as well as the natural oils that keep hair color looking glossy. So look for sulfate-free shampoo and conditioning formulas designed expressly to coddle colored locks.
4. Lock in Moisture.Soft and shiny are everything when it comes to hair color, so keeping it nourished and moisturized with regular conditioning treatments is a smart move.
5. Practice Safe Sports. Sun, saltwater and chlorine are no friends of hair color. Your daily laps may be the best thing for your abs, so don’t stop, but do protect your hair color. One smart strategy is to coat your hair with a rich conditioning mask and then cover it with a swim cap if you’re hitting the water, or a hat if you’re just hitting the sand.


Guys! Now You Can Cut the Cord on Your #1 Grooming Tool!

Cords. They’re so last century. We’ve dispensed with cords on our phones, our computers, our cable TV. Now it’s time to cut another cord, gentlemen. Consider snipping the cord on your favorite grooming tool and embracing a battery-operated trimmer. Here are four excellent reasons why!

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Won’t Hold You Back

You’re a busy guy. Always on the go. Which means you’re not always close to an electrical outlet. No worries. With a battery-operated trimmer, you can take care of your grooming business almost anywhere. At the gym. At your desk. In the car (only after coming to a full stop, of course!) Find a small, lightweight model like the new Magnum Clipper and Trimmer and your away game grooming options become endless.

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Won’t Tangle You Up

You go left, but your cord stays right. You move forward, but your cord doesn’t budge. Don’t let cords hold you back as you craft your facial hair like a true artist, swooping and sculpting. Battery-operated, cordless trimmers also allow you to roam freely, which, as everyone knows, leads to much higher levels of creativity than being tethered in place!

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Won’t Keep You Local

You’ve completed a grueling, 22-hour international journey and you need some facial grooming, stat. No adapter? No problem! With your battery-operated trimmer, just flip the switch and get busy. No need to plug it in and no need to worry about the “current-cy” of the country you’re visiting!

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Doesn’t Need Recharging

Sometimes it seems as if all of life revolves around the life of your devices. You anxiously watch the power indicator on your phone, etc., to gauge how much time you have left before your have to plug in. With a battery-operated trimmer like the Magnum, which runs on a single, powerful, AA battery, there’s no need to recharge. Ever. So just relax and enjoy your stress-free trimming and grooming!



Whether your blowout dreams end with a smooth, sleek result or fuller, bouncier hair, spending a few minutes with a brush and a blow-dryer can upgrade your hair style every morning. Here are five pro tips for making the most of that time, and getting a perfect blowout that lasts. 

  1. Invest in a Ceramic Hair Dryer. When it comes to blowouts, it’s all about the right tools. And a ceramic blow dryer is the tool of choice. Why? A ceramic hair dryer features a state-of-the-art heater that heats the hair evenly from top to tip, avoiding the “hot spots” or under-dried spots that occur when the heat is inconsistent. A ceramic hair dryer is self-regulating—it shuts itself off before it gets too hot. And ceramic hair dryers have amazing hygienic properties—they actually prevent the formation of bacteria. Cue a happy, healthy scalp!
  2. Prep with the Right Product.Your ceramic blow dryer is an awesome tool, but you can raise your blow-dry game by prepping your damp hair with products designed for your #blowoutgoals. Looking for more volume? Start with a volumizing mousse. Trying to tame your frizz? Treat damp strands with a smoothing crème. And always use a heat protection formula!
  3. Take Your Time.Rushing a blowout leads tomissed areas and less-than-perfect results. If you’re investing the time, go all the way and do it right. Divide all of your hair into small, evenly-sized sections, and dry each section completely. Clip away the sections you’re not working on to help keep your blowout clean and organized.
  4. Work Directionally.Dry your hair in the direction that you want your finished style to land. For example, if you want the top to swoop back, use your ceramic hair dryer and a round brush to dry top sections up and away from your face.
  5. Cool Completely.The key to a blow-dry that lasts is to allow your hair to cool completely before moving, combing or brushing it. So once you finish drying a section, move on and leave it alone. Even better, if you’re blow-drying with a round brush, keep each section coiled after it’s dried, clip the coil to your head, and let your hair “set” in curls until it’s cool. Then release the clips and brush through.

When it comes to personal grooming, men are straightforward than their counterpart.  While for some men, little shave or trim here and there is the perfect extent of grooming. However, these days, an increasing number of men are becoming conscious about their appearance. For men who to travel a lot grooming can often be a matter of concern and worry. With packed schedule and time-constraints, grooming is the last thing on mind. For this segment, travel hair trimmer makes for the best option.

Given that hair trimmer and clipper are closely related, it is no surprise at all that often these terms are interchanged. Although both have similar functions that is to cut or trim hair. In recent years, many brands are offering trimmer and clipper machine that can perform both functions. However, there are many who prefer sticking to travel hair trimmer while travelling because it makes life a lot easier and simpler.

Travel hair trimmer has emerged as one of the most preferred items among those who travel frequently. Compact in size, it is easy to carry. Also, there are several uses if used properly.  Given that trimmers are made using thinner blades and designed for closer cuts, you can consider replacing shaver with a trimmer.

Although there are many products available in the market that can give smooth cuts so that you can achieve clean look, trimmers can also help you maintain hair length. They are great for styling among those who already have short hair.

Men who have sensitive skin can make the most of hair trimmer as they come with hypoallergenic blades.  It is important for you to choose the trimmer that is best for you. Most of the travel hair trimmer runs on battery meaning you do not have to charge them regularly or when you use it.

There is no dearth of options to choose from. All you need to do is run an online search and compare different travel hair trimmers.  Place an order for that lets you redefine your style. Make travel easy and fun with the travel hair trimmer.

Hair dryers have now become an inevitable part of our daily lives. In other simple words, it will be no wrong to say that blow dryers have emerged as an inseparable thing for people having packed schedule.  Gone are the days when hair dryers were used only for blow dry. However, modern day dryers are used for creating new hair styles too. Also, advanced hair dryers are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies that not only give more shine to your hair but also lets you create stylish hair styles. Perhaps, the most preferred material used for making dryer is ceramic. As a matter of fact, ceramic hair dryer has become the first choice for several leading hair stylists.

Along with the conventional hair dryers, it is the ceramic hair dryers that have gained immense popularity among hair stylists as well as people who use them regularly.

Ceramic hair dryer works like a conventional blow dryer, in which a standard rope heater heats the airflow perimeter, however, with the inclusion of ceramic heater, it allows even more heat distribution. It is this even distribution of heat that prevents hair damage and hot spots while using the hair dryer for stylizing or drying hair.

Also, ceramic hair dryer is self-regulating. In other words, it turns down as soon as the surrounding temperature becomes too hot.  Given that the dryer automatically regulates the temperature, these types exclude multiple temperature control though they come with low and high setting.

What make these dryer all the more popular is that ceramic hair dryer prevents formation of bacteria that leads to healthier scalp. Using this type of hair dryer helps the hair resist the effects of harsh weather condition, for example, extreme rain, sunlight, dust and wind. Thus, it helps in creating a radiant surface and texture of hair.

Well, it goes without saying that women who use hair dryer regularly should opt for ceramic one given the kind of benefits it offers. Life Marketing Group is the right place to shop for ceramic hair dryer.  The one available on this website comes with hybrid motor for AC performance and power with DC for striking the balance of lightweight providing faster blowouts while protecting hair.

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