These days, self-driving cars and smart phone facial recognition is getting all the attention, but believe it or not, the technology behind one of hair care’s most indispensable tools—the hairbrush—is responsible for some pretty impressive advancements too! An innovation called The Only Brush offers a next-gen take on the standard tool—stepping up the hairbrush game and pushing it into the realm of an all-purpose, multi-tasking marvel. Hair pros are saying it just may be the one and “only” brush you’ll ever need! If your current brush can’t do these things, it may be time for an upgrade! (And oh yes, stocking-stuffer alert: who couldn’t use a state-of-the-art hairbrush?)

  • Detangle your wet hair…painlessly. Nothing leads to broken, damaged hair quicker than trying to detangle wet hair with the wrong brush. Plus, it hurts! The unique, flexible bristle technology of the Only Brush glides through wet tangles like a knife through soft butter—easily and seamlessly, without pulling or tugging. Not only is it the perfect detangling solution for your hair, it also puts an end to the painful detangling battles you go through with your long-haired kids!
  • Distribute your conditioner evenly. You know how important the right conditioner is to make your hair feel as soft as a newborn puppy. But to get maximum performance from your favorite formula, it’s helpful to use a brush to distribute it evenly, from top to tips, after you apply. The Only Brush is best-in-class for product distribution, because its open, honeycomb design doesn’t allow cremes or liquids to become trapped—so all the conditioner stays on your hair where it belongs. You can use it to distribute hair color, too!Tip: After distributing your conditioner with a brush, let it sit on your hair for a few minutes for maximum penetration before rinsing.
  • Quickly smooth your hair while blow-drying. A rigorous, round brush blow-out may not be feasible every day, but not everyone is meant to air-dry either! This brush straddles those worlds by letting you quickly smooth and straighten your hair with your blow dryer. Each flawless bristle is heat-resistant, and the vented design allows for maximum airflow to speed up drying time.
  • Overcome static in dry winter weather. With many brushes, one stroke and strands are standing on end if the environment is super dry. Thanks to coated nylon bristles, the Only Brush keeps static under control, so hair remains calm and not crackly!
  • Add amazing shine when you brush dry hair, without splitting or damaging ends. Done with this modern brush. Strong plastic bristlespenetrate the hair firmly—all the way to the scalp, even on thick hair textures–to distribute your hair’s natural oils for roots to ends shine. Damage is deflected because the unique, ball-free bristle tips won’t catch or pull your hair.