Generic 3D Ball-Shaped Hair Comb Brush Heat Resistant Detangling Salon Blow Drying Hairstyle 

From unique comb-design that can help in different styling curls to easy and convenient use, Heat resistantdetangling hairbrush is considered best to get rid of annoying hair snags. It will also massage the scalp and eliminate hair cuticle frizz. You can opt for this to enjoy its strong and flexible nylon bristles that will help you detangle your hair without any tearing, breaking and of delicate strands. Heat resistantdetangling is not only considered ideal for detangling both wet and dry hair, but also considered great in being befitting for all hair types.

These hairbrushes are embedded with the antibacterial additives that make it ultra hygienic and that is why, it is highly safe to use. The anti static properties of Heat resistantdetangling hairbrushes prevent flyaway hair leaving it smooth and silky.  These brushes include nylon bristles that are heat resistant up to 450ºF (approx). You can without any hiccup use it on wet or dry hair to prep your best style. It also helps you detangle extra hard snags with utmost ease. The heat resistant bristles of heat resistantdetangling brushes retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures that hairdryers may generate. You can also opt for these to detangle Hair Extensions, Children’s hair, and blow Drying.

It also includes Anti-static technology that will reduce the amount of negatively charged particles during styling and in addition, you can opt for this product to ensure faster styling as well. This heat resistantdetangling brush is manufactured to reach an ideal temperature in seconds and once it gets heated, it only takes a few minutes to straighten your hair as per the preference of hair straightening. It includes 100% tourmaline ceramic heating plate that guarantees stable heating. You can choose it to massage your head and relax you as well.

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