What will well-dressed men be wearing this fall? Here’s a round-up of top trends, spotted on the men’s fashion catwalks in Milan, London and New York!

  1. Lots of leather. Don’t toss that moto jacket just yet. Leather was everywhere this season—as an accent on collars, cuffs and buttons, and as key wardrobe pieces in the form of jackets and pants.
  2. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Or more specifically, wearing your politics on your shirt. Opinions are running strong these days, and designers are giving customers the chance to take a stand sartorially. Messages were both bold and cryptic, allowing everyone to make their point of view known.
  3. Don’t hide your cords. The fabric favored by history professors is stepping out of the classroom and into the spotlight. Corduroy is back in a big way, in hues of olive green, navy and chocolate brown. But these slacks and jackets aren’t your teacher’s baggy cords–they’re slim and tailored to perfection, and often paired with leather for an edgier vibe.
  4. Do hide your neck. Turtlenecks were everywhere on catwalks—in a wide variety of colors, patterns, styles and fabrics. Two of the best versions—the chunky fisherman style sweater (paired with fitted corduroy slacks) and thin-gauge Merino worn under cashmere sportscoats.
  5. Bye-bye beards.Top male models are giving their big beards a rest. Lumberjack facial hair gives way to a subtler beard style this season. The latest look is just a hint of an end-of-the-day shadow–deliberately created with a magnum Clipper that enhances the bone structure and features rather than hiding them.