Whether you’re doing a long hair style, a medium length hair style or a short hair style, beach waves work. The movement, the shape–you’re instantly a cool girl. Ready for a new way to beach wave your hair? Here’s a secret. Put down your curling iron and pick up a flat iron!

Celebrity hair stylists know that flat irons are the perfect beach wave tool.  They produce a perfectly undone, lived-in shape. Plus, a flat iron is easy to handle if you’re not adept with thermal tools. Here’s a beach wave tutorial:

  • On dry hair, section off the bottom third of your hair and pin away the top.
  • Divide the section into 1-inch subsections.
  • On the first subsection, quickly slide a flat iron from roots to ends to warm the hair.
  • Insert the flat iron at the scalp, and wind the hair section around the iron, away from your face, omitting the ends.
  • Release the first section of hair and continue around your head.
  • As you wind the hair, randomly switch up the hair curl direction from section-to-section. Wind some hair sections away from your face and some toward your face.
  • Release the middle section and repeat.
  • Divide the top hair section in half—front and back.
  • Clip away the front, and curl the back of the top section as before. Direct the hair sections next to your face away from your face.
  • Release the front hair section.
  • Create your normal hair part.
  • Continue dividing the hair into 1-inch sections and curl your hair. Wind the face-frame sections of your hair away from your face and alternate the rest of your hair forward and back.
  • When your hair is cool, gently rake through your hair with your fingers; then scrunch in a sea salt spray to add true beach wave texture.