Guys! Now You Can Cut the Cord on Your #1 Grooming Tool!

Cords. They’re so last century. We’ve dispensed with cords on our phones, our computers, our cable TV. Now it’s time to cut another cord, gentlemen. Consider snipping the cord on your favorite grooming tool and embracing a battery-operated trimmer. Here are four excellent reasons why!

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Won’t Hold You Back

You’re a busy guy. Always on the go. Which means you’re not always close to an electrical outlet. No worries. With a battery-operated trimmer, you can take care of your grooming business almost anywhere. At the gym. At your desk. In the car (only after coming to a full stop, of course!) Find a small, lightweight model like the new Magnum Clipper and Trimmer and your away game grooming options become endless.

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Won’t Tangle You Up

You go left, but your cord stays right. You move forward, but your cord doesn’t budge. Don’t let cords hold you back as you craft your facial hair like a true artist, swooping and sculpting. Battery-operated, cordless trimmers also allow you to roam freely, which, as everyone knows, leads to much higher levels of creativity than being tethered in place!

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Won’t Keep You Local

You’ve completed a grueling, 22-hour international journey and you need some facial grooming, stat. No adapter? No problem! With your battery-operated trimmer, just flip the switch and get busy. No need to plug it in and no need to worry about the “current-cy” of the country you’re visiting!

A Battery-Operated Trimmer Doesn’t Need Recharging

Sometimes it seems as if all of life revolves around the life of your devices. You anxiously watch the power indicator on your phone, etc., to gauge how much time you have left before your have to plug in. With a battery-operated trimmer like the Magnum, which runs on a single, powerful, AA battery, there’s no need to recharge. Ever. So just relax and enjoy your stress-free trimming and grooming!