Whether your blowout dreams end with a smooth, sleek result or fuller, bouncier hair, spending a few minutes with a brush and a blow-dryer can upgrade your hair style every morning. Here are five pro tips for making the most of that time, and getting a perfect blowout that lasts. 

  1. Invest in a Ceramic Hair Dryer. When it comes to blowouts, it’s all about the right tools. And a ceramic blow dryer is the tool of choice. Why? A ceramic hair dryer features a state-of-the-art heater that heats the hair evenly from top to tip, avoiding the “hot spots” or under-dried spots that occur when the heat is inconsistent. A ceramic hair dryer is self-regulating—it shuts itself off before it gets too hot. And ceramic hair dryers have amazing hygienic properties—they actually prevent the formation of bacteria. Cue a happy, healthy scalp!
  2. Prep with the Right Product.Your ceramic blow dryer is an awesome tool, but you can raise your blow-dry game by prepping your damp hair with products designed for your #blowoutgoals. Looking for more volume? Start with a volumizing mousse. Trying to tame your frizz? Treat damp strands with a smoothing crème. And always use a heat protection formula!
  3. Take Your Time.Rushing a blowout leads tomissed areas and less-than-perfect results. If you’re investing the time, go all the way and do it right. Divide all of your hair into small, evenly-sized sections, and dry each section completely. Clip away the sections you’re not working on to help keep your blowout clean and organized.
  4. Work Directionally.Dry your hair in the direction that you want your finished style to land. For example, if you want the top to swoop back, use your ceramic hair dryer and a round brush to dry top sections up and away from your face.
  5. Cool Completely.The key to a blow-dry that lasts is to allow your hair to cool completely before moving, combing or brushing it. So once you finish drying a section, move on and leave it alone. Even better, if you’re blow-drying with a round brush, keep each section coiled after it’s dried, clip the coil to your head, and let your hair “set” in curls until it’s cool. Then release the clips and brush through.